Expertise and experience

             All consultations are developed and adjusted to support your specific needs. Whether you are a large or small

educational program,   a parent in need of support, or a national or international health/educational organization, I

will work with you to identify the best way to help. Support is offered through on-site consultations, phone/skype

conversations, individual observations/coaching, or through a series of workshops or professional development


                The areas of consultation listed below offer possible options. Tell me more about what you are looking for, and I will contact you for a free initial phone consultation to help identify your needs and the support that I can offer.

        Possible areas of consultation individualized to meet your needs

•    Prevention of sexual abuse/abduction/bullying, through empowerment of children and friendship building
    Friendship skill building/Social Skills
    Child safety prevention classes (for parents and schools) Empowering Children to Keep Themselves Safe

•    Early identification and intervention with families, infants and young children, (normal and at-risk) for health, behavioral, and developmental challenges
    Infant/early childhood developmental assessment
    Early intervention, developmentally appropriate skill development support
    Interactions and parenting patterns/attitudes
    Parenting support and coaching

•    Evaluation, coaching, and training in individual and group service delivery for teachers, parents,professionals (e.g., social & health workers, doctors), paraprofessionals (e.g., assistants, aids), volunteers,  and teams
    Positive behavior coaching
    Cognitive coaching and mentoring
    Evaluation of quality infant and early education programs
    Admissions, developmental assessment
    Classroom and behavior management,
    Skill based developmental guidelines
    Mindfulness and empathy skills building

•    Program creation and development
    Design and build new integrated early childhood programs
    Re-envision and revamp existing programs
    Development of environments and educational materials

•    Integrated curriculum leadership and development in: literacy, language arts, math, science and social/emotional development; gifted education, developmental brain research and educational implications
    Curriculum/program creation, assessment and development
    Project/Inquiry Based Learning, Reggio Emilia/emergent curriculum  
    Play based learning, creativity
    Multi-language learners

•    Organizational/School leadership and management in Early Childhood and Elementary
    Vision affirmation and articulation
    Team building
    Work with school Special Student Support Teams

•    Community development, outreach, and research (with NGOs, not-for-profit, governmental organizations)
    Program design, development, implementation and evaluation
    Teen mother early childhood support
    Volunteer management
    Focus groups


           Consulting Services

L. Jennifer Ashton-Lilo, MA

Early Years Education and Parenting Specialist


Denver, Colorado