Denver, Colorado

Whenever possible, we should inspire creativity, imagination, and originality and empower children to make decisions,problem solve, participate in teamwork, take responsibility, and persevere. Confidence is strengthened through positive experiences and support, thus making it more likely for children to show compassion and empathy, develop friendships, and experience academic success. 
As facilitators, guides and mentors to children, our job is to enrich children’s knowledge of the world around them, and increase their understanding of their place in it, among family, friends and others. Infants and children are competent, social, curious, active learners, and hands-on, multi-sensory experimentation and exploration is critical in their lives...      
at any age.

Given my years of experiences, combined with exceptional academic training, I bring a unique expertise to early years programs.

Having visited, evaluated and worked with hundreds of programs (maternal/child & community  health, infant/early childhood) and schools over the last 35 years, I have an open-minded perspective; supporting the best in programs, while encouraging them to be reflective about their practices. I worked to develop tailor made models and programming tools to help schools and programs figure out what will work best for them and for the children and families they serve.

Walking through a process of determining a program or school’s identity, who they want to be, and what that looks like is often a place to begin. I have lead programs in recreating themselves, and have built new early childhood programs.

Other programs maybe more interested in having an outsider visit to guide them through a self-assessment, which then leads to an action plan. I can come in and either be a sounding board or a guide, helping in whatever capacity your school/program would find useful.

Whether you have a new program or one with a wonderful history, I can provide visits, conversations, and short term or longer term consultantships.

Working with you to celebrate children, and help in preventing and solving your program and parenting needs....

Childhood, from infancy through the early years of school, should be joyous times for families, but no one can do it alone. By providing individual and small group coaching, I can help parents enjoy their infants and children even more.

Hassles with daily routines, bedtime, or just getting out the door in the morning can be challenging, but do not need to be. Sometimes, parents and children get into negative patterns and routines, and it can become difficult to be the parent that all of us want to be. But, I have the skills to help your family work through these challenges to get to the joy that parenting can be.

Determining what is important, your values and expectations, is often a starting point. Some parents have questions about their child's developmental readiness and what things they can do to support development.

Other parents wonder about things they have heard or feel like they are in competition with other parents and just need reassuring. I can provide this type of support for families, either one-on-one, or for parent groups.

Child safety and empowering children to keep themselves safe when you are not there is a concern for all parents and educators.

Tips on listening to that inner voice and speaking up are important. I have developed a workshop for parents and educators specifically addressing this topic, and can provide one-on-one consultations as well.

Parenting Support

Professional Development

L. Jennifer Ashton-Lilo, MA

Early Years Education and Parenting Specialist