Denver, Colorado

L. Jennifer Ashton-Lilo, MA

Having grown up in the Kansas City-Lawrence area, my many pursuits in education go back to my own parents' interests and determination to be well-rounded, curious, and passionate learners and people. Fortunately, there was no escaping it! Having started traveling as a young child, being exposed to, and immersed in, different cultures and ways of thinking, my fascination with children, parenting practices and education developed. And, as the mom of a wonderful daughter, my perspective has broadened and deepened. Supporting parents and educators (we are all educators!) has brought me great professional and personal fulfillment over the years.

With degrees in Psychology and Human Development and Family Life and two Master's Degrees focusing on infancy and early childhood from the University of Kansas, I have been well equipped to personalize much of the work that I have done over the years.  Most recently, I have had administrative experience, working as a Principal/Director in a Day School, Primary School, Early Childhood programs in California and Arizona, as well as starting the bilingual Early Childhood Section at the American School of Guatemala, after spending 5 years as a Principal developing the Early Childhood Center at the American of Barcelona, Spain. I have been able to focus on building teams and leading several of these early years’ programs from models that were more traditional to more skill and play-based, integrated constructivist, Reggio Emilia inspired project approach models. While leading educators, I was also able to develop meaningful relationships with parents.

Over the years, working with national and international organizations and programs,  I have carried out research, designed, developed, and implemented projects and training for different types of community programs including with volunteers and teen moms, community health care providers, and Head Start.   Presenting at conferences, carrying out interactive workshops and training have been key parts in my professional journey.

One of my favorite roles has always been as a resource for parents. Whether sharing with parents all of the amazing talents that newborn infants bring into the world, answering questions about development, supporting positive behavior management strategies, or helping parents in working with schools, I have become a compassionate listener, and proactive coach.

Being fluent Spanish speaker has opened many doors, literally, allowing me to work and play in ways I never would have imagined!

I have recently moved back to Denver, Colorado, happy to reintegrate myself into a dynamic educational community, as well as take advantage of all that the area has to offer. I hope you enjoy my photographs and find a little inspiration in each.

L. Jennifer Ashton-Lilo, MA

Early Years Education and Parenting Specialist